Join us at the Daniels Spectrum in downtown Toronto from May 10 - July 31, 2019 for AM I WRONG TO LOVE? - an exhibition on the LGBTQI refugee experience.

This portrait series will explore the stories of 20 refugees from 10 different countries who have all fled their home countries because of their gender expression, gender identity, or sexual orientation.

Portraits in this series were taken by 17 graduates from our iAM Program, a year-round initiative that provides photography and social justice training to underserved youth from across the Greater Toronto Area. Each of the 17 youth were mentored one-on-one by a professional photographer from Toronto. In total, 20 photographers volunteered their time to mentor for this exhibition.

Thank you to our Presenting Sponsor, UNHCR Canada.

Photo subjects were recruited with support from our exhibition partners which includes UNHCR Canada, Rainbow Railroad, The 519, and FrancoQueer.

Exhibition Artistic Director: Gilad Cohen
iAM Program Manager: Celeste Cole


Presenting Sponsor:



Exhibition Partners: