JAYU (JAYU Festival Inc.) is a registered charity that shares human rights stories through the arts and engaging dialogue.

Since 2012, we have used art to engage and empower communities while providing a platform for the world's most remarkable people to share their human rights stories.   


Our vision is our name: JAYU means freedom in Korean (자유) and we envision a world where freedom exists for everyone. 


Sharing human rights stories through the arts and engaging dialogue to lay the groundwork for positive social change.

Through art and dialogue, I felt much more connected to the issue. JAYU helped bridge a gap between me and a far-away community and empowered me to empathize with people I’ve never met.
— Human Rights Film Festival 2014 attendee


We love art and its undeniable ability to facilitate important discussions. Art is a form of expression and no matter where you’re from, which language you speak, your age, orientation or educational level, art has the ability to breakdown barriers and communicate a concept and story with everyone. Art has the power to take us to new places and help us empathize with others. When it comes to human rights, there is no better way to share stories than through art.