JAYU will be co-presenting Alastair Siddons' Inside Out at the 4th Annual Scarborough Worldwide Film Festival on Friday, June 3rd at 9:00PM at Cinema: Albert Campbell Square – 150 Borough Drive.

What better way to capture, ignite and inspire social than through the arts – JR, renowned photographer does just that, by simply holding a camera and pointing a lens towards its subjects – while teaching those around him how to do the same.

Inside Out is a film about the french artist JR giving away his method and the inspiring stories that follow that. JR wins the TED Prize 2011. He gives his prize (the wish to ‘turn the world Inside Out’) and his art back to the people, creating a global participatory art project inviting people to stand up for what they care about through the power of their own image. From Tunisia to Haiti, North Dakota to Pakistan, the film follows individuals and communities pasting their portraits in the streets. Now they don’t just see art, they make it.

For more information visit the official Scarborough Worldwide Film Festival website

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