We're thrilled to be co-presenting two amazing documentaries at this year's Hot Docs Canadian International Film Festival!

No Man Is An Island 
Screening on: May 1, May 3, May 7
The tiny island of Lampedusa rests in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea—a prime gateway for African refugees into Europe and a jumping-off point into greater Italy. For the few who remain on the island, this sanctuary comes at a cost. For Adam, a 16-year-old Ghanaian boy adopted into the family that employs him, the push to assimilate into Italian culture is tempered by sinister undercurrents of racism. Fleeing with many Tunisians during the Arab Spring, 21-year-old Omar has also found an adoptive family, but it's impossible to ignore his loneliness on the provincial island and his intense yearning for companionship. Both young men walk among the Lampedusiani looking for connection but finding only strangers. Like great poetry, this visually arresting and perceptive double portrait illustrates the ineffable qualities of their experience. 
- Eli Horwatt

A Walnut Tree
Screening on: May 3, May 5, May 7
An elderly man living in the Jalozai refugee camp feels desperately nostalgic and longs to go home. A grandfather, poet and former teacher, he finds himself internally displaced as a result of the ongoing conflict between the Pakistani Army and the Taliban. Life inside the camp is no life at all—it's a place where people cease to be human beings and become stories instead. This man tells his story over and over again to stay intact and pierce his numbing loss. He "left himself behind" and so is torn between the past, the insecure present and the bleak future. As he struggles to decide whether to leave his family and risk returning to his distant homeland, he must confront the prospect that home may no longer exist in physical space and may now be only a place of make-believe, a mirage in his mind. 
- Angie Driscoll

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