TORONTO - JAYU has announced the premiere of its brand new weekly podcast, The Hum. You can listen to episode 1 here.

The podcast is co-hosted by JAYU’s Founder & Executive Director Gilad Cohen and Amar Wala, award-winning Canadian documentary filmmaker (The Secret Trial 5). The Hum provides a platform for people to share compelling human rights stories in a casual setting. Guests open up about their personal journeys in ways they never have before. Each 30-minute episode features an in-depth conversation with a single guest.

“Human rights stories are all around us. ‘The Hum’ is a metaphor for these stories and how we can only see or hear them if we pay close enough attention,” says Cohen. “We hear about human rights issues all the time, but we forget that the people who have experienced these issues are all around us – and if you take a moment to talk to them, you’ll find that they are funny, smart and incredible storytellers. We’re just giving them a platform.”

The first episode features Enoch, a North Korean refugee living in Toronto. While those who have left North Korea often describe conditions of hunger and political persecution, for Enoch there was an additional reason for leaving: “When I was in North Korea, I wanted to eat whatever I wanted. But when I was in China I realized I came for [the] lights… I wanted to see some bright world.” Listen to the episode here.

The Hum will release episodes each week on Wednesdays and will be available on iTunes and online at thehumpodcast.com.

For more information on The Hum, visit thehumpodcast.com

For more information on JAYU, visit jayu.ca

For all media inquiries, please contact Gilad Cohen at gilad@jayu.ca / 416-573-9373

About JAYU The mandate of JAYU is share human rights stories through the arts and engaging dialogue. JAYU is located at the Centre for Social Innovation at 720 Bathurst St. in Toronto. 


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