Hi everyone!

I am absolutely floored by all of the tremendous support we received in 2014. With the support of our partners and sponsors we were able to provide a platform and share many of our world’s most pressing and important stories with more communities. 

2014 was our most impactful year yet. Our Film Festival broke new ground as our programming took us across the globe and showcased 19 beautiful films from 16 countries including 13 premieres. We were absolutely humbled to welcome guests to Toronto from Europe, North America, Asia, the Middle East and more. This enabled us to engage our communities in very important dialogue and begin to lay the groundwork for change through cinema.

Because conversation is so important to us, we welcomed a brand new project into the fold, Jayu Speaks. This monthly speaker series provides the opportunity for our community to come together and engage in intimate conversations with artists and others who have powerful human rights stories to share. 

We’re thrilled to kick-off our newest project in 2015, the #Street Photography Project and look forward to bringing together some of Toronto’s most talented photographers with our city’s at-risk and homeless youth population. We can’t wait to see what kind of beautiful art and stories come from it.

In 2014 our team size and our programming more than doubled but our goal remains the same: using art to share human rights stories. With your support, we’ll do even more of that in 2015.

Thank you! Very much.



Gilad Cohen (and the Jayu Team)
Founder / Executive Director 

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