2019 iAM 4-Day Intensive Poetry Workshop Survey

The purpose of this survey is for continuous improvement purposes. All the feedback from this survey is confidential. If you have any questions about the nature and/or use of this survey please ask the instructor. Please answer the questions that relate to your experience of the workshop. 

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Overall level of satisfaction with the poetry 4 day workshop *
Mentors Overall Performance *
This workshop allowed me to connect to other participants in meaningful ways *
Workshop activities inspired me to use art as a creative outlet *
A sense of community was fostered in this 4 day intensive workshop. *
Workshop increased my awareness regarding social justice stories. *
Workshop provided me with an open space to share my own views, opinions and/or experiences. *
Workshop provided me with activities to challenge myself and better my artistry. *
I gained valuable performance experience and feedback. *
I made meaningful relationships through sharing my work and being present for my peers. *
Overall the iAM workshop has increased my self-confidence *
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Overall, the iAM workshop has made a positive change in my life *
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