iAM Program


Our i AM program was designed to provide youth from underserved neighbourhoods with high-quality arts and social justice training. each year, we work with our participants to curate a human rights exhibition.

But I am saddened by how sometimes I get treated because of how white I look to the Native community and how Native I look to the white community.
— Alyssa (iAM Participant)
We left Syria to go to Jordan and on the way they started shooting at us, and I saw people dying in front of my eyes. Farah died in front of me. The others were fine, thank God.
— Fidaa (iAM Participant)
One day I decided to just leave and go to the shelter because I didn’t want to die or go to jail. This one shelter Horizons for Youth really helped me change my life around.
— Kofi (iAM Participant)