English Transcript

Hello my name is Mohamed. I’m from Syria. I’m 16 years old. In Syria we were happy and had everything. And then there was the war. We left Syria and we went to Turkey. We lived in Turkey for three years. There were some good people and some bad people there. Then we came to Canada and we were greeted nicely and saw how the people live. I really liked everyone, I was with my family here. I’m happy with my family, happy with my friends. and I have even more friends, I’ve been meeting more people. But my hometown is Syria. Syria will alway be my home, regardless of the war, and this is why I still feel unease. Thank you.

Arabic Transcript

مرحبا, أنا اسمي محمد شريف, أنا من سوريا, عمري ستة عشر سنة.
كنت أعيش في سوريا سعيداً ولا أحتاج الى أي شيئ.
وبعد ذلك حصلت الحرب, وغادرنا سوريا الى تركيا.
أقمت في تركيا لمدة ثلاث سنوات.
وجدت أناس جيدين وأناس لم يكونوا جيدين.
بعد ذلك أتانا خبر قبولنا الى كندا, وسافرنا الى كندا.
الكل استقبلنا بشكل جيد جداً.
أحببت الناس هنا, وأصبح لي أصدقاء كثر.
أنا هنا مع عائلتي وأشعر بالسعادة.
وطني لا يزال سوريا.