Join us at the JAYU studio on Sunday May 26th from 1:30PM-4:30PM for a very special workshop with Emmanuel Jal and Elizabeth Koch that will help you explore Freedom From Your Box. This explorative event will include talks, immersive workshops, food, and more from one of our world’s most inspiring and talented artists.  

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More about Emmanuel Jal:
Emmanuel Jal is a former South Sudanese child soldier who found a way to overcome the trauma of his youth through musical expression as a hip-hop artist and developing a practice of forgiveness. He now travels to share his experiences with diverse communities to spark conscious awakening and support social and emotional learning.

Emmanuel Jal has formed a number of successful organizations including Gatwitch Records, Jal Gua Super Foods, Gua Africa charity, and My Life is Art--a global community that bridges the arts, business, and philanthropy.

Learn more about Emmanuel Jal’s incredible story by listening to his episode on JAYU’s podcast, The Hum (episode 16).

More about Elizabeth Koch:
Over the past decade, Elizabeth has helped launch an ensemble of companies in the fields of publishing, media, neuroscience, and transformational experiences – all with the goal of fostering greater compassion for oneself as well as empathy among all people, even sworn enemies.

 As Founder of Unlikely Collaborators, Elizabeth creates storytelling experiences (like this one) designed to facilitate a process of self-discovery, help us drop into the heart of another, and ultimately release the destructive stories we unconsciously project on others (and ourselves).

Event details:

  • Date: Sunday, May 26th, 2019

  • Time: 1:30PM - 4:30PM

  • Address: 401 Richmond St. W, suite 354 (JAYU studio)

  • Cost: FREE!

  • Includes: lunch and transit tickets

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