iAM 2019 Participant Feedback Survey

The purpose of this survey is for continuous improvement purposes. All the feedback from this survey is confidential. If you have any questions about the nature and/or use of this survey please ask the instructor. Please answer the questions that relate to your experience of the program. 

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Overall level of satisfaction with the photography workshops *
Mentoring by professional photographers *
The iAM program helped make me a better photographer *
The iAM program helped me make meaningful connections with industry professionals *
Use of photography allowed me to connect to other participants in meaningful ways *
The iAM helped facilitate relationships with mentors and/or other participants that will last beyond this program *
Use of photography inspired me to use art as a creative outlet *
Use of photography fostered a sense of community *
Overall level of satisfaction with the social justice workshops *
Social justice workshops increased my knowledge on how to connect photography to human rights *
Social justice workshops provided me with an open space to share my own views and opinions *
Participating in the iAM program helped me develop skills that will help me in my career, like teamwork, punctuality, attention to detail, and communication *
Overall the iAM program has increased my self-confidence *
Overall, the iAM program has made a positive change in my life *