Gilad Cohen


Gilad Cohen is the founder and Executive Director of JAYU, a charity that shares human rights stories through the arts. Inspired by seeing his own mom become passionate for North Korea after watching a documentary, Cohen launched the Human Rights Film Festival in 2012 as a way of sharing important stories with his community. Since then, JAYU has grown to become a charity that uses multiple forms of art to educate, inspire, and create the safe spaces necessary to share our human rights experiences. A photographer, youth educator, fan of film, and carer of the world, Cohen spends most of his days trying to find innovative and artistic ways of creating platforms for human rights dialogue. With a post-graduate in International Development, Cohen has been invited to speak on human rights in media and several platforms including CBC, CTV, VICE, The Canadian Press, Globe & Mail, Al Jazeera America, as well as the UN in 2012. He was selected as Rothschild Fellow through The University of Cambridge in the UK in 2015 and in 2017 was selected as part of the Toronto Arts Council Leaders Lab.