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Each year we work with a variety of individuals to generate social justice arts content. Whether it’s our iAM youth, guests on The Hum, or the other artists we work with, content is created with the intent of sharing our world’s most pressing human rights stories.


Our bi-weekly podcast that cuts straight to the heart of human rights stories.


iAM Program


Each year we work with our iAM youth participants to curate a photo exhibition around a social justice theme. Here is a sample of some of our youth’s work.

But I am saddened by how sometimes I get treated because of how white I look to the Native community and how Native I look to the white community.
— Alyssa (iAM participant)
One day I decided to just leave and go to the shelter because I didn’t want to die or go to jail. This one shelter Horizons for Youth really helped me change my life around.
— Kofi (iAM participant)
We left Syria to go to Jordan and on the way they started shooting at us, and I saw people dying in front of my eyes. Farah died in front of me. The others were fine, thank God.
— Fidaa (iAM participant)
I had nobody to protect me. My mom decided she wanted to stay with him and I didn’t want to be there anymore. I left when I was 15.
— Nathan (iAM participant)

Additional footage 

A collection of works from our Human Rights Film Festival, iAM program, workshops, and more.