1. What Is Your Age?
2. What is your annual income?
3. How did you hear about JAYU’s 4th annual Human Rights Film Festival?
4. Was it easy to purchase tickets to the festival?
5. Was it easy to find information about the festival?
6. You have been to JAYU's Human Rights Film Festival:
7. How many screenings do you plan on attending at this festival?
8. Thinking about your current Human Rights Film Festival experience, would you say the Festival has exceeded, met, or fallen short of your overall experience?
9. You purchased a:
10. How do you feel about the quality of the film(s)?
11. How would you rate the relevance of our Q&A guests in relation to the film?
12. How much more aware are you of the human issue discussed in the film after viewing the film?
13. Would you recommend a friend to attend JAYU’s Human Rights Film Festival?