Jayu’s 3rd Annual Human Rights Film Festival took place at the TIFF Bell Lightbox in downtown Toronto from December 5-7, 2014. For three days, Jayu provided a platform for those connected to human rights issues to have a voice and share their stories. The programming focused on the themes of persecution, women & children and change.


A total of 19 films were screened focusing on 16 countries including 13 premieres (1 World Premiere, 3 North American Premieres, 8 Canadian Premieres and 1 Toronto Premiere). This is in addition to our 3 Jayu Speaks events held throughout the festival too! We're incredibly proud to have hosted and held conversations with filmmakers, authors, refugees and activists from Canada, USA, Venezuela, France, Switzerland, South Korea and North Korea. These films included:

These Birds Walk, Love & Rubbish, Cantos, First to Fall, Bullets of Peace, A Quiet Inquisition, Conceived, Since I Was Born, Faridullah's Day Off, Polytechnique, Luk'Luk'I: Mother, Nowhere Home, Leftover, Light Fly Fly High, Durga, Last Stop, The Hand That Feeds, In Between


For Jayu, discussion is incredibly important and for this reason, we held invaluable Q&A's following most of our films. In case you missed them, you can view them here:


To our presenting sponsor, Humber College. To our other sponsors and supporters including The City of Toronto through the Toronto Arts Council as well as our other partners and sponsors including: The Centre for Social Innovation, Sheraton Hotel, The Eaton Chelsea Hotel, Hotel Le Germain, Exciting Event + Marketing, Uber, Momofuku, Amsterdam Brewery, Tallboys and Dufflet Pastries.

To our community partners and co-presenters including: Canadian Labour International Film Festival, Coalition for Gun Control, European Union Film Festival, Generation Action, Global Youth Volunteer Network, Hanvoice, Human Rights Watch, Horizons for Youth, Hot Docs, ImagineNATIVE, Oxfam, Reel Asian International Film Festival, Regent Park Film Festival, Scarborough Film Festival, Toronto Jewish Film Festival, Toronto Korean Film Festival, Toronto Palestinian Film Festival, Toronto Smart Phone Film Festival, War Child, Working Women Community Centre and Pan Am (including Papito Wilson).

To the 100 individuals who donated and helped us exceed our $10,000 Indiegogo goal: Carly Bedini, Stefan Hostetter, Amar Wala, Julian Guy-McCarvill, David Vella, Leah Vlemmiks, Eui Yong Zong, Sergei Petrov, Jennifer Vlemmiks, Arius Derr, Teresa Francella, Fashion Helps (Sheila McElrea), Patrick Fraser, Elysse Kwon, Ron Samson, Vanessa Guidorizzi, Kate White, Miriam Fine, Poppy Sanders, Aaron Setton, Rodica Cohen, Michelle Ragno, Mark Lipman, Sanjeev Kugan, Drew Wilkinson, Irit Cohen, Jeanette Cohen, Moshe Ronen, Dan Ronen, Asi Kathein, Ryan McInally, Saskia Rinkoff, M. Palmisano, Mike17949, Adil Dhalla, June Elliot, Emma Lewzey, Karen Cohl, C. Vella, William10361, Victoria Gamaniouk, Mark Hutchison, Hana Tailblum, Dominica Lim, Stella847, Tony Palmisano, Calumn Shanlin, Kitaek Hong, Maureen Moyer-Burt, Ilana Ben-Ari, Carmelina Mete, Grey McAdam, Louanne Chan, Vlad Rebellon, Tracy Luu, Tarah Campbell, Mary Calder, Gloria Ruffolo, Barnabe Geis, D. Hamilton, Deepa Mehta, Randy Weinstein, Lisa Brody-Hoffman, Joanna Flatt, Karim Rizkallah, Beth Morgan, Ilan Man, Rjzilli, Title17, Nathan Da Silva, Ashleigh Marshall, Jack Kim, Olivia Guy-McCarvill, Eudice, Julie Lancaster, Timna Ben-Ari, Ellen Yu, Lindsayjmcd, Corey Berman, Brittney Drysdale, Hamid Belahsene, and all the anonymous contributors too!

And lastly, a big thank you to the 1000+ filmgoers who made 2014 so special. Thank you!